Life drawing

Coffee'n Cream offers the best life drawing classes in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

These classes entail:

  • The presence of a nude life model
  • A tutor is included
  • Access to a private venue( usually located in the city centre if you are going to book in or near a city)
  • All drawing materials will be provided.

Do you like what you see?

Contact us now on 0775 6765 622 or email to book your very own life drawing class! If you’re still spoilt for choice, we can make up a package deal just for you

You can book life drawing classes in the following areas and counties in Ireland

Here it is some of our customers' feedback regarding our life drawing classes

I attended a life drawing class in Dublin from Coffee'n Cream. I had an amazing time there!
I booked life drawing classes in Belfast for my friends several timesin 2019. Every single time time I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality of service provided by Coffee'n Cream.
Coffee'n Cream's life drawing classes are the best I ever attended! Both the tutors and the models were very professional and made sure everyone attending the class had a great time!
Last week I booked a life drawing class in Derry as part of a hen party package for my sister . Everyone was happy with the class and I am very content about how the booking process went along!
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